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JAE Speaker Spotlight: Kara Klein

Kara Klein joined Jewish Art Education's Speakers Bureau in early 2023 and resides in the Chicago area. She holds a master’s degree in art education from Boston University and has worked in academic as well as corporate settings.

Kara adapted one of our most popular programs, The Art of Hanukkah, into video format now available for purchase on the Jewish Art Education website.

Here is what Kara had to say when we asked her the following questions:

What led you to decide to become a JAE presenter?

My background in art history, art education, and online teaching led me to JAE, and it just felt like the perfect match. The more I got to know the team and the values driving JAE, the more certain I became that this was the right path for me. Being a part of JAE is something I take pride in, and having regular conversations about Jewish art is a true privilege.


What do you find most rewarding about your audience interactions?

What I find most rewarding about engaging with our audience is not only their appreciation for the thoroughness of the material but also their active involvement. I often observe their focused attention on the content, and it's incredibly gratifying to witness their genuine interest.


Who is your favorite Jewish artist?

Roy Lichtenstein! I've always loved pop art, and Lichtenstein's unique style and the vibrant energy he infuses into his work really resonate with me. Taking a closer look at the details of his life and the inspirations behind his creations has been a genuinely fascinating journey. There's just something about the way he plays with colors, the distinctive style he carved out, and the dynamic essence he brings to his pieces that make his art stand out in a way that I find truly captivating.


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