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Kara Klein

Speakers Bureau
(Chicago area)

Kara Klein is an accomplished art education specialist with a wealth of experience under her belt. Kara holds a Master's degree from Boston University and has had the honor of teaching elementary and middle school visual arts, where she excelled in creating connections between the visual arts and other academic disciplines. Kara's career then took her to the corporate world, where she worked in big tech education, specializing in training and quality, helping teachers from all over the world excel. Thus far in Kara's career, she has received multiple awards in both art education and corporate training, solidifying her reputation as an expert in both fields. Kara wholeheartedly believes that art education can have a profound impact connecting us to our past, present, and future in meaningful ways which is why she is thrilled to share her expertise and passion with a broader audience.

Kara Klein
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