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Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Educators are always looking for new ways to engage their students. Now, JAE offers an innovative approach to teaching our customs, rituals and history. This fall, teach your students about the High Holidays using a fun, engaging curriculum based on the visual arts. Don’t miss this great opportunity!!

Explore the religious themes and patterns of observance through the centuries -- from early mosaics that depict Biblical scenes to contemporary abstract art, such as Creation #6 by Susan Schwalb, shown at left. Images of all types of media, images and time periods are presented.

Included in the curriculum package are:

  • Guides for children in Kindergarten through Fourth Grade;

  • Ideas for experiential learning opportunities;

  • Exercises employing hands-on and out-of-classroom experiences; and,

  • Reproducible images.

For a taste of the rich instruction in our curriculum, view a sample lesson plan here.

In addition, an eight-minute supplementary DVD film, ”The Art of the High Holidays”, relates the holidays through art, with explanation by JAE founder Myrna Teck and Rabbi Jack Moline.

JAE will help you get ready: We will be offering online webinars and presentations on best practices. You can also exchange ideas on JAE’s online forum.

For more information about this project and the work of JAE, call us at 1-888-315-8671, or email us.

Below is a short clip from our film:


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